Launch of two new world-class solutions RACE® EVO and R-Motion®, as well as a new endo motor Rooter® Universal.

The real exciting news is that we are delighted to confirm the official launch of two new world-class solutions RACE® EVO and R-Motion®, as well as a new endo motor Rooter® Universal adapted for FKG instruments.

First stock will arrive in the country in 3 weeks from now!

Based on the RaCe legacy, RACE® EVO is the ultimate evolution of FKG’s highly dependable and proven continuous rotation system.

Thanks to original RaCe features, plus the addition of heat treatment and higher rotation speed, RACE® EVO is even safer, easier to control and more efficient.


  • RACE® EVO comprises 2 independent sequences, including 1 mechanized glide path and 2 shaping instruments: RACE® EVO 4% sequence and RACE® EVO 6% sequence. All instruments included in these sequences will also be available in refill, with a choice of two larger instrument sizes for bigger canals
  • RACE® EVO are heat treated Nickel-Titanium instruments to be used at 1’000 rpm
  • RACE® EVO instruments are intended to be safe, efficient and progress in full control
  • RACE® EVO are martensitic and can be pre-curved without compromising on cutting ability and efficiency

 RACE® EVO to try it is to adopt it!


Reciprocation has been gaining traction over the last years and represents today a significant part of the global endodontic market. To become a true full solution provider of instrument systems and strengthen their global position in the market, FKG have developed a reciprocating motion system able to meet all market demands in this segment. By leveraging their technical and clinical know-how, they have pushed today’s standards in reciprocation to the next level, making R-Motion® not only safer and easy to use, but also far less invasive than competitor’s systems.


  • R-Motion® comprises 5 reciprocating files, 1 for mechanized glide path and 4 instruments to choose from for shaping
  • R-Motion® are heat treated Nickel-Titanium reciprocating instruments and compatible with endo motors offering a reciprocating (counterclockwise) mode
  • R-Motion® instruments are intended to be safe, easy and minimally invasive



The Rooter® Universal is a cordless endodontic motor with apex locator. With its powerful functions and precise measurements,
the clinician can easily cope with the root canal preparation problem, and make a perfect root canal treatment.
The device has 3 working modes for maximum ease of use:

  • Single Endo motor mode
  • Endo motor with apex locator mode
  • Single apex locator mode


  • Preset programs for FKG files (RACE® EVO, R-Motion® and XP-endo®)
  • Cordless endo motor with apex locator
  • Inductive charging
  • LED light

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